ValGenesis seeks to ensure that data created, modified, and stored within its blood banking application are capable of passing internal and regulatory audits, while improving the overall efficiency of validation programs for blood services centers.
Sunquest V8 crop640
The new release aims to simplify blood banking administration through improved integration with enterprise electronic health records.
Crystal Icenhour, PhD, Aperiomics.
With the funds, the company aimed to establish a baseline of pathogens harbored in deer ticks from an endemic area, and expected to create the tools needed to detect these pathogens in human blood, saliva, and urine samples.
Dolomite Fluidic Factory crop640
The system uses translucent cyclic olefin copolymer to enable rapid prototyping of fluidically sealed devices, such as chips, sensor cartridges, fluid manifolds, valves, connectors, and medical devices.
More than $85 million in redirected funds identified by the Department of Health and Human Services is being made available to support efforts to protect Americans from Zika infection and associated adverse health outcomes.
According to the companies, Nanosphere’s Verigene technology leads in the high-growth bloodstream infection segment and complements Luminex’s current infectious disease portfolio.
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Altona Diagnostics’ test enables qualitative detection of RNA from Zika virus in persons meeting clinical or epidemiological criteria set by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Submissions will be considered by patient advocates and the moonshot’s blue ribbon panel of scientific experts as they develop the National Cancer Institute's scientific direction for the initiative.
US Vice President Joe Biden.
A new panel will serve as a working group of the presidentially appointed National Cancer Advisory Board, and will provide scientific guidance from thought leaders in the cancer community.
Many tests have been shown both to find cancer early and to lower the chance of dying from the disease.
BBI Solutions Galectin-3 crop640
The galectin-3 antigen is a biological, raw material with more than 96% purity.
Two recent studies have demonstrated the benefits of molecular testing in pediatric cases of thyroid lesions.
NanoString nCounter analysis system crop640
NanoString Technologies and HalioDx will develop and commercialize advanced gene expression assays for assessing patient response to immunotherapies.
A new study shows that Zika virus infects and crosses the placentas of pregnant mice, and causes severe damage or death in fetal mice
AdvantaPure Bioreactor Tubing Kits crop640
Kits consist of single-use tubing, preassembled with filters and connectors, at tubing lengths specified by the customer for harvest, vent, sparge, and addition lines.
Denso BHT-1500 crop640
A contoured handle and ergonomic keyboard allow convenient one-hand operation, reducing fatigue and increasing efficiency.
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Steve Halasey, CLP.
Nothing known about Zika virus can be relied upon to be true beyond the results of the next set of studies.