_pollen grains
The incidence of allergies and autoimmune diseases has been increasing over the past several decades, with both diseases rising to become a major women's issue.
Acquisition of the Massachusetts genomics tools provider will strengthen Roche’s next-generation sequencing product offerings.
Featured products include an in-line suspension cell-monitoring microscope from Ovizio Imaging Systems, molecular genetics software from Technidata, and a vitamin D test from DiaSorin.
biomerieux Vidas 3
The low-throughput immunoassay system can perform up to 36 tests per hour, on-demand, individually, or in series.
Noridian has issued a positive LCD for the Prolaris prostate cancer test by Myriad Genetics.
CombiMatrix now markets four prenatal and postnatal analysis tests in New York State.
Bio-Rad_Bioplex HIVAgAb crop640
The assay is designed to simultaneously detect and differentiate HIV-1 p24 antigen, antibodies to HIV-1 (groups M and O), and antibodies to HIV-2 in human serum or plasma.
Destaco CleanRTP crop640
The remote-handling port is specifically engineered for moving materials in and out of isolators and gloveboxes without breaking containment.
OCD’s advanced system fully automates immunohematology testing and responds to the unique challenges of individual labs.
The calibration verification and linearity test kit contains ferritin, folate, and vitamin B12 in a human-serum base matrix.
Palmetto GBA provides a positive LCD for the Prosigna breast cancer assay by Nanostring Technologies.
GeneWeave’s Smarticles technology enhances Roche’s role in fighting drug-resistant bacteria.
Mayo Clinic joins as initial partner and makes strategic investment. LabCorp to be initial strategic partner in development of consumer applications.
Augurex JointStat
In addition to assisting with early diagnosis, the test’s expanded indications support treat-to-target objectives by allowing close monitoring of 14-3-3η levels along the clinical management path to detect how active the joint damage processes are.
Micronic ULT rack_crop640
Manufactured from virgin polycarbonate, the racks are designed for ultra-low temperatures and are suited for long-term use in automated cryogenic storage facilities.
The braid-reinforced tubing provides increased pressure capabilities compared to unreinforced silicone tubing, and is suitable for laboratory uses, blood and biological fluid handling, and deionized water transfer.
Innova antibody conjugates 3D image crop640
A new product line comprises 200 antibodies to nearly 30 different cardiac biomarkers, each available directly conjugated to 24 different enzymes, fluorescent dyes, or nanoparticles.
Copan grants Beckman Coulter distribution rights in 21 global markets, including a number of territories in Europe, North America, South America, and Asia.
Wheaton CryoElite vials
This month's Product Spotlight features blood banking and biorepository tools from companies such as Beckman Coulter, Helmer, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Wheaton.
New England Biolabs qPCR for Illumina crop640
By employing quantitative polymerase chain reaction amplification, it becomes possible to selectively quantitate only those molecules that contain both of the adaptor sequences required for successful sequencing.