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Emerging Technologies

Technologies rarely advance at a steady and predictable pace, but new platforms and newer ideas are already shaping the future of clinical lab testing. This article from the April 2014 issue highlights a handful of companies that are working to bring new diagnostic technologies to market and improve patient care.

The MiSeqDx high-throughput genomic sequencer by Illumina.


Illumina Brings in the Business

Since last November, when FDA cleared Illumina’s MiSeqDx high-throughput sequencer for diagnostic applications, the potential of next-generation sequencing has captured the imagination of many scientists and laboratorians—and with it their engagement in developing clinical tests based on Illumina’s platforms.

Cofounders Joshua Windmiller, PhD, (left) and Jared Tangney, PhD, 
display Electrozyme’s microelectronic sensor backbone and printed electrochemical sensor sheet, respectively.


Electrozyme Decentralizes the Clinical Lab with Printed Biosensors

Founded in 2012 in La Jolla, Calif, Electrozyme is endeavoring to become the world leader in the development of printed electrochemical biosensors. The company offers a portfolio of printed biosensors that facilitate high-fidelity amperometric, voltammetric, and potentiometric electrochemical analyses of numerous compounds relevant to the healthcare, environmental sensing, and security monitoring domains.

Paul Yager, PhD, displays an early prototype of the paper-based molecular diagnostic under development at the University of Washington.


Paper Chase

Researchers at the University of Washington are working to develop a handheld, paper-based device that could detect infectious diseases using samples collected and tested at the point of care. The technology could hold promise for pathogen identification in remote areas, as well as densely populated areas such as hospitals, prisons, and military bases.

Menssana’s BreathLink system collects, concentrates, and analyzes a breath sample, and then uploads the findings to the company’s New Jersey-based lab.


Menssana Research Breath Test for Disease Biomarkers

Menssana Research laboratories have established a new role for breath testing in the early detection of disease. Scientists there have developed a portable breath collection apparatus that can collect breath samples for highly sensitive laboratory analysis virtually anywhere.

MedMira’s Multiplo TP/HIV test is a multiplexed point-of-care test for the simultaneous detection of antibodies to syphilis and human immunodeficiency virus (1 and 2).


MedMira Multiplexes Rapid POC Testing

Headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, MedMira is developing a robust pipeline of tests based on its patented Rapid Vertical Flow technology. The technology facilitates the formation of highly specific antigen-antibody reactions, allowing specific biomarkers in many sample types—including human whole blood, serum, or plasma—to be captured and visualized on a unique membrane.

bioMerieux Vitek MS_picking colony 400


bioMérieux Gets First Mover MS Advantage

Diagnostics giant bioMérieux had more than one reason to celebrate last year. Not only did the company mark its 50th anniversary, it also gained first-to-clinical-market advantage with the launch of its new diagnostic platform, dubbed Vitek MS.