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Lab Operations

Securing the Biobank and Blood Supply

Nearly 5 million people in the United States receive blood transfusions each year, mainly with donations collected, separated, and stored at blood banks. These days both private and institutional blood banks and biobanks are attracting significant amounts of investment, but they’re also facing challenges.

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October 2014: Product News

Featured products include the Aura Elite ductless fume hood from Mystaire Inc, the TransferMan 4r micromanipulator from Eppendorf North America, and the QK30 barcode scanner from Denso ADC.

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Misc. Supplies

Five-Level Assayed Linearity Material

Streck’s A1c-Cellular Linearity, the only commercially available hemoglobin A1c linearity/calibration verification material with intact red blood cells, is now assayed for the Trinity Biotech Premier Hb9210 and Ultra2 instruments.