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Product News

January 2015: Product News

Featured products include the Cytation 5 cell imaging multimode readerfrom BioTek, an ebola disinfectant from Mueller Sports Medicine, and a lab coat with multiple pockets for electronic devices from ScotteVest.

The AutoMate 1200 by Beckman Coulter automates receipt, decapping, aliquoting, sorting, and archiving of patient specimens.

Lab Operations

Right-Sizing Laboratory Automation

While automation has long been regarded as an important means for clinical laboratories to achieve greater efficiency and accuracy, some laboratories have in the past been slow to adopt automation as a broad strategy.

ATUMtome 640


Ultramicrotome Enables High-Volume Section Handling

The ATUMtome, an automated tape-collecting ultramicrotome from RMC Products and Zeiss, uses an innovative tape collecting method that facilitates the efficient sectioning and handling of large volumes of biological samples for 3-D image reconstruction.