• Point-of-Care Testing Continues Growth

    Greater speed and accuracy mark POC trends.
  • Sepsis Diagnosis: The Path Forward

    Over the past decade, the number of hospital admissions for sepsis following healthcare-associated infections and community-acquired infections has increased up to three-fold.
  • Healthcare-Associated Infections

    Becoming increasingly urgent global concerns, healthcare-associated infections kill more people each year than AIDS, flu, and traffic accidents combined.
  • Histotechnology Takes Aim at Automation

    Histological visualization has been supplemented by digital pathology applications that make use of advanced staining and imaging technologies, offering new opportunities for histotechnologists to be on the cutting edge of clinical diagnosis…
  • The Personal Touch

    An indispensable component of personalized medicine, companion diagnostics are certain to increase in the breadth of their application to disease areas.
Designed to minimize hands-on time and reduce the risk of cross contamination associated with manual sample handling, the module automates several processing steps.
10x product on white background
DNA library preparation reagents from Kapa Biosystems have been incorporated into the GemCode platform from10X Genomics, making possible a more streamlined workflow for generating high-quality sequencing data.
EcoFlow Information Sheet_3.indd
Compact size makes the hoods suitable for student workstations and additional hood applications with limited space availability.
EKF Diagnostics Creamatocrit Plus crop640
Providing the creamatocrit measure of mother’s milk, the analyzer is particularly useful in neonatal intensive care units to ensure that premature infants are receiving the calories they need to thrive.
Quanti Scientifics One Plex
Rather than applying a full-well coating of antibody, the plate wells are precision spotted with small droplets of the same antibody arranged in an array format.
New toxicology and pharmacogenomics capabilities facilitate the addition of genomic-based testing to more conventional practice portfolios.
The pair’s first project is to develop comprehensive panels to profile infectious diseases.
Contract for prenatal diagnostic testing services brings the number of covered lives under agreement for Sequenom Laboratories’ diagnostic services to more than 200 million.
Grieve cleanroom oven crop 640
The 500ºF electrically heated, Class 100 cleanroom oven supports such heat processes as sterilizing, depyrogenation, curing, and drying workloads.
According to a report by Transparency Market Research, the global market for molecular diagnostics is expected to achieve a CAGR of 11.1% from 2013 to 2019.
Clinical data show the utility of Biocept’s liquid biopsy assay in therapeutic management of patients with non-small cell lung cancer.
Sarstedt RC DC 900 FLEX crop 640
The standalone instrument enables rapid and safe identification, decapping, and recapping of up to 900 tubes per hour.
The Cobas Liat test is the first CLIA-waived real-time polymerase chain reaction test to detect influenza A and B in approximately 20 minutes.
Gaudioso Salerno
Researchers from Sandia National Laboratories join with international experts to publish the first how-to book on laboratory biorisk management.
NIAID study aims to understand infection in healthy adults to aid development of RSV medicines, vaccines.
Study highlights the speed and reliability of a new sample protocol for biomarker development.
BBI Solutions NGAL protein crop640
The NGAL protein has been designed to provide a high level of purity that minimizes the risk of interferences due to contaminants.
Kimerly-Clark A8 Shoe Cvr crop 640
The covers offer wet and dry splash and particle protection, and feature a non-skid design and seamless bottoms for better comfort.
Flexicon PF6  crop 640
Offering a contamination-free single-use flow path, the peristaltic technology simplifies cleaning validation and enhances the integrity of high purity fill and finish applications.
Dev Chatterjee, BreviTest Technologies LLC.
One company takes a novel approach to point-of-care diagnostics that reimagines the immunoassay method as serial reactions in connected microfluidic chambers.