• Point-of-Care Testing Continues Growth

    Greater speed and accuracy mark POC trends.
  • Sepsis Diagnosis: The Path Forward

    Over the past decade, the number of hospital admissions for sepsis following healthcare-associated infections and community-acquired infections has increased up to three-fold.
  • Healthcare-Associated Infections

    Becoming increasingly urgent global concerns, healthcare-associated infections kill more people each year than AIDS, flu, and traffic accidents combined.
  • Histotechnology Takes Aim at Automation

    Histological visualization has been supplemented by digital pathology applications that make use of advanced staining and imaging technologies, offering new opportunities for histotechnologists to be on the cutting edge of clinical diagnosis…
  • The Personal Touch

    An indispensable component of personalized medicine, companion diagnostics are certain to increase in the breadth of their application to disease areas.
Steve Halasey, CLP.
Pathology and laboratory medicine organizations wasted little time before responding to the recent publication by the Institute of Medicine on the subject of diagnostic errors.
A new study by UC Davis pathologists suggests that many patients are mistakenly diagnosed with Clostridium difficile and do not need antibiotic treatment.
The quantitative polymerase chain reaction assay detects rearranged-during-transfection expression driven by chromosomal fusions regardless of the fusion partner.
PositiveID_Firefly Dx_640
The company has successfully detected C. diff, MRSA, and MSSA on its prototype pathogen detection system.
André de Fusco, Cynvenio.
Accreditation supports company’s global expansion strategy.
Under a new agreement, Signal Genetics will perform testing on patient specimens to inform key patient management decisions, including the risk of progression from AMG disorders to symptomatic multiple myeloma.
10x product on white background
Recent adoptions increase the accessibility of linked-read data.
Luminex Aries_single crop640
A new sample-to-answer system from Luminex is designed to increase laboratory efficiency, ensure result accuracy, and fit into today’s Lean laboratory environment.
Photo BioFire FilmArray crop640
With results delivered in approximately 1 hour, BioFire’s new panel tests cerebrospinal fluid for the 14 most common pathogens responsible for community-acquired meningitis and encephalitis
Analysis by Quest Diagnostics of 2.5 million test results finds about half of patients of all ages are taking opioids and other potentially addictive medications inappropriately.
Submission to accelerate adoption of new point-of-care cell thawing technology.
Accreditor offers recommendations for how laboratories can help meet study goals.
Designed to minimize hands-on time and reduce the risk of cross contamination associated with manual sample handling, the module automates several processing steps.
John Foskett, Kapa Biosystems.
DNA library preparation reagents from Kapa Biosystems have been incorporated into the GemCode platform from10X Genomics, making possible a more streamlined workflow for generating high-quality sequencing data.
EcoFlow Information Sheet_3.indd
Compact size makes the hoods suitable for student workstations and additional hood applications with limited space availability.
EKF Diagnostics Creamatocrit Plus crop640
Providing the creamatocrit measure of mother’s milk, the analyzer is particularly useful in neonatal intensive care units to ensure that premature infants are receiving the calories they need to thrive.
Quanti Scientifics One Plex
Rather than applying a full-well coating of antibody, the plate wells are precision spotted with small droplets of the same antibody arranged in an array format.
New toxicology and pharmacogenomics capabilities facilitate the addition of genomic-based testing to more conventional practice portfolios.
According to the Institute of Medicine, urgent change is warranted to address the challenge of diagnostic errors in healthcare.
Making the changes necessary to improve diagnostic processes will require a significant commitment of time and talent from professionals in the field.