OraSure Seeks to Introduce Rapid HCV Test to US

OraSure Technologies Inc announces that it has submitted a pre-market approval application to the FDA for its OraQuick HCV test, a rapid test for antibodies to the Hepatitis C virus (HCV).

New Anti-Microbial Agents Combat Infectious Bacteria

Since bacteria rapidly evolve to evade the action of new antibiotics, the drugs quickly lose their effectiveness. A novel approach to the antibiotic problem, interestingly, is not an antibiotic at all but a new class of anti-microbial agent known as aganocides.

3M Introduces New Automated Flu Test

Just in time for a new flu season, in which up to 20% of Americans may be affected, 3M announces nationwide availability of the 3M Rapid Detection Flu A+B Test.

RSV May Hide in the Lungs, Lead to Asthma

A new study conducted in mice suggests that respiratory syncytial virus may hide in the lungs even after other symptoms abate, ultimately resurfacing to cause recurrent wheezing and chronic airway disease.

Personalized Medicine Key to Growth, New Research Report Says

As the biopharmaceutical industry faces declining productivity and innovation, personalized medicine offers promise for increasing economic returns, according to “Assessing Risk and Return: Personalized Medicine Development & New Innovation Paradigm.”