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SV Bio to Provide Turnkey Translation of Comprehensive Genomics Data at POC

SVBioLogoSilicon Valley Biosystems (SV Bio), Foster City, Calif, which opened its “doors” on January 15, offers rapid, turnkey clinical interpretation of comprehensive genomics data at the point of care to improve the health and outcomes of patients, the company reports.

“The transition is occurring very rapidly nowadays from genomics as a science to genomics as a key driver of clinical medicine and decision-making at the bedside,” says Dietrich Stephan, PhD, SV Bio founder and CEO. “As genomic sequencing costs plummet, the potential clinical impact soars. SV Bio is building the requisite bridge from the genomics bench to the bedside, assisting physicians with the accurate and actionable interpretation they need for optimizing care for each individual.”

The company is backed by Sequoia Capital, a venture capital firm that helped to build Apple, Google, LinkedIn, Oracle, and numerous biotech companies.

Tim Triche, MD, PhD, a clinician with 30 years of scientific and medical experience at companies including OncorMed, Genelogic, and GenomeDx and also chairman of pathology at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, serves on the company’s board of directors.

SV Bio’s turnkey genomics interpretation services query the patient’s genome at the point of care and distill the biological data into a concise, actionable report that medical generalists and specialists can use as a decision support tool.

Its platform fits into current clinical workflows and is able to take data from any next-generation sequencer and determine with clinical-grade sensitivity and specificity which genetic variants within a patient’s DNA sequence are influencing a disease or condition. The resulting clinical reports are fast and presented in a format that makes it easy for practitioners to read, interpret, and apply to patient care.

The company is currently providing diagnostic testing services to physicians and centers of excellence for all heritable genetic conditions. These services include testing single genes and bundled gene sets for disorders which are genetically heterogeneous and for which the causative genes are known. In addition, testing of the entire genome is available for mystery illnesses or in cases where other diagnostic companies could not return a definitive result because the causative gene is not known, or in cases where a variant was detected but could not be classified as causative.

[Source: SV Bio]