Mayo Hot Topics: Fifth Installment of Presentations on Region 4 Stork Collaborative Project

Piero RinaldoPiero Rinaldo, MD, PhD

The Region 4 Stork Collaborative was created to improve detection of true positive cases of metabolic disease and improve accurate diagnosis.

The project uses software developed by the Mayo Clinic designed to aid in postanalytical interpretation of complex metabolic profiles.

The software should help detect true-positives, which can be difficult to attain due to the complex metabolic profiles of newborns.

Physicians can use this software to analyze their patients’ test results, and compare them with other locations’ results.

The Mayo Clinic recently released the fifth installment of a series of presentations that introduces site-specific customization of these post-analytical tools.

It will be presented by Piero Rinaldo, MD, PhD, co-director, Biochemical Genetics Laboratory, professor of lab medicine and pathology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.

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The Regional Genetics Collaborative project, funded by the Health Resource and Service Administration, has created the Region 4 Collaborative Stork project.

[Source: Mayo Medical Laboratories]