The US National Tuberculosis Controllers Association and the Association of Public Health Laboratories have recommended the use of the Xpert MTB/RIF test to support decisionmaking on using airborne infection isolation in healthcare settings.
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Image analysis and tissue pathology software from PathXL is expected to complement Philips’ digital pathology offerings.
Kai te Kaat, Qiagen.
The collaboration aims to address unmet needs to guide clinical decisions in breast cancer.
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The test combines the power of quantitative proteomics with genomics and transcriptomics to understand the “molecular fingerprint” of a cancer patient’s tumor.
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The enhanced molecular diagnostic analyzer is designed for faster test times and increased throughput.
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Based on recombinant virus technology, the new reference material provides a safe, non-replicative, and fully extractable positive material.
Two real-world studies have confirmed the value of cotesting as the US standard of care.
medical error
According to the accreditor, laboratorians are uniquely positioned to help reduce adverse patient outcomes.
The collaboration will provide custom solutions that meet data and regulatory requirements for both biopharmaceutical clients and academic medical center oncology programs.
Leif Glantz, cSens.
With its recent purchase, Biovica strategizes to develop a faster and more automated platform.
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This month's Product News features a network tester from Ideal Networks, a blood collection device from BD, and a rapid blood test from NowDiagnostics.
Lab consolidation has driven technological advances and platform integration.
Douglas Lowy, MD, National Cancer Institute.
A core component of the National Cancer Moonshot, the unified data system will centralize and standardize accessible data.
Alex Socarrás, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics.
Beckman Coulter Diagnostics will place Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics’ Vitros 3600 systems in very high volume laboratories.
The PGS test uses next-generation sequencing to support healthy pregnancies.
The 3D Bloom system from Cell Spring will be automated on the Freedom EVO workstation by Tecan Group.
3D microtissues can be prepared in microplate format within minutes, and analysis is carried out while still in the culture matrix.
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With Sividon’s breast cancer prognostic test, Myriad aims to strengthen its oncology product portfolio.
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Inaccuracies in testing can lead to misdiagnosis or ineffective treatment in patient care, according to the society.
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Medline has entered an agreement to distribute the GeneXpert system and menu of Xpert tests to non-acute care laboratory customers in the United States.
The assay is considered medically necessary to assess the necessity of adjuvant chemotherapy in ER-positive, HER2-negative, node-negative breast cancer patients, when adjuvant chemotherapy is not precluded due to any other factor.