Studies led by Mayo Clinic investigators combine common genetic variants and other factors to improve personalized estimates of breast cancer risk.
Jong-Yoon Chun, PhD, founder, chief executive, and chief technology officer of Seegene
Hoping to strengthen its global presence in the molecular diagnostics market, Seegene Inc has established Seegene Technologies Inc, in Concord, Calif.
NIAID taps investigators at academic and commercial institutions to develop tools for rapidly detecting healthcare-associated pathogens.
With new marketing and distribution agreements at home and abroad, Akers expands US and international distribution of its flagship rapid test for HIT—and more.
Brian Beck, PhD, Microbiologics vice president for molecular products and services
Inactivated viruses will be sourced and incorporated into a line of full process controls under Microbiologics’ Helix Elite molecular standards brand, as well as instrument-specific quality control sets.
Using NanoString’s nCounter analysis system as a platform, the partners aim to jointly discover and validate biomarker signatures for immuno-oncology and targeted therapeutics.
A library and methods expansion for the MALDI Biotyper CA system enables identification of more than 98% of the typical bacterial identification workflow of clinical microbiology laboratories.
A positive-displacement pipette minimizes the time and effort required to maintain precision during repeat dispensing tasks.
Royal Philips and Mount Sinai Health System are partnering to develop a digital image repository of patient tissue samples and data analytics.
BBI_intrinsic factor 640
Featured products include an unsaturated iron binding capacity assay from Sekisui Diagnostics, the scalable Labdaq laboratory information system from CompuGroup Medical US, and a high-purity intrinsic factor protein from BBI Solutions.
Photo White_Lale_crop500
Partners vRad and Xifin encourage physician collaboration in order to facilitate consolidated diagnostic reports of radiology, pathology, and clinical laboratory results.
Photo KleinRogerD
CLP spoke with Roger D. Klein, MD, JD, FCAP, medical director for molecular oncology at the Cleveland Clinic, and chair of the Association for Molecular Pathology’s professional relations committee, to find out more about AMP’s revised policy on direct-to-consumer genetic testing.
Delivering results in less than 2 hours, the Xpert ebola test has been authorized for use by CLIA moderate- and high-complexity laboratories or similarly qualified non-US laboratories.
In written comments to FDA, the Association for Molecular Pathology argues that the agency should refrain from regulating the design, validation, and interpretation of next-generation sequencing procedures.
PositiveID_Firefly Dx
PositiveID Corp has completed a first round of testing for its handheld, real-time polymerase chain reaction-based pathogen detection system, which reportedly delivers positive results within 20 minutes.
Under a new agreement, Biodesix and Inivata will investigate the clinical utility of blood-based next-generation sequencing tests for patients with non-small cell lung cancer.
The new partnership will focus on creating a universal test system for clinical trials of targeted cancer therapies, with the goal of developing a more comprehensive tool for precision medicine.
Data from the ongoing NBRST trial suggest that Agendia’s BluePrint 80-gene molecular subtyping assay more accurately identifies molecular subgroups and may be a better guide for neoadjuvant chemotherapy than IHC/FISH assays.
A new collaboration focused on digital pathology enhances cutting-edge capabilities to improve workflow and reliable, consistent processes.
In a study of breast biopsy interpretations, concordance between individual pathologists and an expert consensus panel was just 75%, suggesting a need for a formal second opinion in many cases.