Researchers seek to better understand the genomic basis of disease, and provide tailored care to patients.
Small rises in troponin levels may have value as markers for subclinical heart damage and high blood pressure.
Company initiating a series of clinical studies with leading cancer centers worldwide.
Banyan Biomarkers_POC blood test crop640
Six finalists in the Head Health Challenge I received $500,000 each for the development of advances in the diagnosis and treatment of mild traumatic brain injuries.
Acquisition of the Massachusetts genomics tools provider will strengthen Roche’s next-generation sequencing product offerings.
Featured products include an in-line suspension cell-monitoring microscope from Ovizio Imaging Systems, molecular genetics software from Technidata, and a vitamin D test from DiaSorin.
biomerieux Vidas 3
The low-throughput immunoassay system can perform up to 36 tests per hour, on-demand, individually, or in series.
Noridian has issued a positive LCD for the Prolaris prostate cancer test by Myriad Genetics.
CombiMatrix now markets four prenatal and postnatal analysis tests in New York State.
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The assay is designed to simultaneously detect and differentiate HIV-1 p24 antigen, antibodies to HIV-1 (groups M and O), and antibodies to HIV-2 in human serum or plasma.
OCD’s advanced system fully automates immunohematology testing and responds to the unique challenges of individual labs.
Palmetto GBA provides a positive LCD for the Prosigna breast cancer assay by Nanostring Technologies.
GeneWeave’s Smarticles technology enhances Roche’s role in fighting drug-resistant bacteria.
Mayo Clinic joins as initial partner and makes strategic investment. LabCorp to be initial strategic partner in development of consumer applications.
Copan grants Beckman Coulter distribution rights in 21 global markets, including a number of territories in Europe, North America, South America, and Asia.
Startups from Spain, Oregon, and California receive funding to advance breakthrough genomics applications in healthcare, agriculture, and winemaking.
The presence of PIK3CA mutations predicts a reduced response to a dual anti-HER2 therapy considered promising in HER2-positive patients without the mutations.
Working with a global collaboration of stakeholders in personalized cancer medicine, HTG’s platform will contribute to the development of gene expression molecular profiling tests for multiple targeted therapies.
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The 3-year award, totaling €3 million, will be used to accelerate development of a point-of-care test that distinguishes bacterial and viral infections, seeking to improve antimicrobial stewardship.
Acquisition of the industry-leading LIMS developer for life sciences organizations strengthens Illumina’s portfolio of genetic analysis solutions.