Quality Control

I am searching for linearity material for free T3 and Free T4 on my Centaurs. Do you know of a source? - This is something that Randox does not provide – we make internal control materials and a PT programme for thyroid hormones, but not linearity material. You could try Audit or Maine Standards, although […]
1)Once we placed the order of control,how long does it normally take to get to us? 2)what is the main problem/issue with Liquid Chem Premium Plus Control from your customers if any? 3)Do you have a lot of customers in US? - We have Technical Support based in the USA. Our US-based support operates from […]
What does a -<20 result of a POC MICROALBUMIN TEST MEAN? Is a low result good or bad? - A low result on a Microalbumin test is desirable. Measuring urine microalbumin simply refers to the detection of small amounts of the protein albumin in urine. Albumin is the major constituent of your total protein, and […]
Dear Alison, I want to know more about your kit for testing Ischemia Modified Albumin (IMA).From where can I get it in Pakistan? How much would it cost? I would be obliged if you can send me a detail literature via E-mail. thanks - Randox does not actually provide a kit for the measurement of […]
Hi, Are there guide line for how often QC needs tested? Most say follow the instruments manufacturer suggestions. But sometimes that seemed too far apart. - As far as I know, there are no international guidelines detailing how often QC should be run. There may of course be country-specific regulations in a specific territory. In […]
When using assayed chemistry controls, does a lab still have to establish its own internal reference ranges? If so, would the process still be the same as establishing internal reference ranges for unassayed daily quality controls? - Whether or not you perform value assignment on an assayed control material depends on the accuracy of the […]
Thank you Alison, Is there an appropriate number of times in a given time frame for adjusting qc ranges. Reference ranges are said to be adjusted at approximately 6 mos time frames. Would this hold true for qc as well? Thank you - Providing you are using a stable quality control material in which analyte […]